benefits of NetsuiteIntegriSuite’s Approach For NetSuite In Your Company

There’s no point in investing in technology if you can’t take advantage of its full capabilities. So after you implement NetSuite solution we recommend you develop a continuous improvement plan that evolves with your business.

Our improvement approach includes unlocking the real value of Netsuite that lie in the features such as CRM, Marketing and many others. There is no doubt that first prize would be to get everything perfect and use all Netsuite’s functionalities from day 1.

The reality however is that there is simply too much to take in and deal with. Once staff have had time to work with their new system for a number of months they will be better placed to assist with the job of improving the system.

Netsuite Benefit : Agile Netsuite DevelopmentAgile NetSuite Development

We advise customers to use a sandbox indefinitely. Why? So you do the prototyping of the system in the sandbox and then, when you have a clear understanding of what you want, and then you build it in production. NetSuite then copies production to your sandbox, keeping the systems in sync and allowing you to continue prototyping and testing in the sandbox with the refined production setups

Netsuite Benefit : Prototyping using your dataPrototype Often Using Your Current Data

The value of the sandbox is that you can set up your prototype what’s in the sandbox account as you refine it, and at defined points, copy that prototype into the production. We advise OneWorld customers to prototype early and often, and the sandbox dovetails nicely with this idea.

Netsuite benefit: Better reporting from single data sourceBetter Reporting & BI from a Single Data Store

We believe that you should strive to move as many of your data points into NetSuite and using NetSuite as a single data store. We refer to this as One Vision. It’s no use utilising the powerful reporting capabilties of NetSuite if most of your data sits outside the system

benefit8Expert Netsuite Initiation

Organisations often face demanding technology decisions.
Situations requiring expertise that’s outside the realm of their internal resources.

Integrisuite will help you

· Provide an objective view of your business systems
· Assist with developing 3-5 year roadmap
· Help you understand your true costs
· Make informed decisions
· Provide an independent ear to share your situation without ERP salesmen
· Establish a framework to deliver your systems strategically
· Learn why other companies are choosing the cloud and NetSuite to run their business

We have substantial commercial contract negotiation experience.
We can do your negotiating for you, and get you an excellent initial deal from Netsuite.

Not only will we help you negotiate a better contract, but we’ll also help with initial needs and requirements.

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