Netsuite Services

box3NetSuite Initiation Services

Contract negotiation with NETSUITE needs to be perfectly optimized.
This initial contract stage is vitally important to the long term health of your business.

Don’t purchase a module that is superfluous to your requirements !
Don’t over-pay for licenses and software !
Don’t make the mistake of overcommiting to a sub-optimal deal !

Integrisuite offers unbiased contractual negotiation services.
We are not Netsuite Partners, but have a comprehensive understanding of Netsuite and Accounting principals.

We’ll help you negotiate your best NETSUITE deal possible, and provide you with excellent, unbiased contractual advice.

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box12Netsuite Implementation Services

We advise and help small to mid-sized companies who are struggling with problems that include:

Rapid growth, where sales are significantly ahead of the back-office and other functions.
Uncertainty regarding whether Systems are aligned to support expected future growth.
Lack of local resources to fully utilise &improve NetSuite at an affordable cost.
Inability to fully take advantage of an existing investment in NetSuite.

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box5Netsuite Improvement Services

Our improvement approach includes unlocking the real value of Netsuite that lie in the features such as CRM, Marketing and many others.

There is no doubt that first prize would be to get everything perfect and use all Netsuite’s functionalities from day 1. The reality however is that there is simply too much to take in and deal with.

Once staff have had time to work with their new system for a number of months they will be better placed to assist with the job of improving the system.

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