Cloud CRM


Cloud CRM

What is Cloud CRM ?

CRM software (otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management software) allows you to manage and understand your customer information, activities and conversations. It allows you to track every single interaction you have with your leads, customers, partners and vendors.
test8Having access to accurate customer information is vital for a company, particularly for the sales, marketing and customer service teams. Being able to keep track of previous conversations and interactions leads to better customer service and targeted sales activities and marketing campaigns.

test8How Can IntegriSuite Help You With Cloud CRM

We have over a decade experience in collaborating on, specifying and implementing solutions that allow our clients to manage their customers. Our integrated solution links accounts, customer information, sales pipelines and marketing initiatives to give you a comprehensive view of your business.

Using NetSuite ERP as your Cloud ERP System

test8NetSuite CRM delivers powerful cloud-based CRM capabilities, including sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation, customer support and service, and flexible customisation, all in a single solution.

NetSuite CRM+ has the following capabilities:

  • Sales force automation including opportunity management, customer management, sales forecasting, quote and order management, incentive compensation, and document management;
  • Customer service management including case management, knowledge base, customer portal, time tracking, and real time dashboards;
  • Partner relationship management including lead management, forecasting, campaigns and promotional discount, sales tracking & order management, and sales & marketing library publishing;
  • Marketing automation including lead management, campaign management, email marketing, keyword and SEO marketing, and web to lead forms;
  • Comprehensive support for mobile devices;
  • CRM analytics.