Cash Back

Did you know that you could get 10% cash back on the first year of your Netsuite license fees?

Buying your licenses directly from a Netsuite partner will not let you benefit from this offer. If, however, you allow me to refer you to a NetSuite partner of your choosing I will share my referral commission with you and get you cash back on your first years` license fees.

How does it work? – I pass on your contact details to the partner of your choice, who registers the lead with NetSuite. Getting the 10% is as easy as that.

What do you get from this deal?

  • 10% cash back
  • Free advice re partner options and their specialties
  • Free NetSuite consulting time (2x2hr meetings) from a Chartered accountant with 5 years NetSuite Implementation and user experience

What do I get from this deal?

  • 5% Referral commission
  • Getting an opportunity to offer my services

What services do I offer?

  • Partner advice – Free
  • General and specific NetSuite advice*
  • End to end implementations where I work in your office for 3 to 6 months
  • Urgent implementations 4-6 weeks


Please note, this table provides indicative ballpark estimate only to assist you in making high level decision and get a sense of what this animal might cost – Only Netsuite can provide official 100% accurate estimates

Licences – ItemQty/%Item/mnthItem/anMnthly Total1 Year Total3 Year Total5 Year Total
Netsuite Mid-Market1$2750$33,000$2750$33,000$99,000$165,000
Includes but not limited to: ERP with GL, AR, AP, Inventory, CRM, SFA, Dashboards, Metrics, Basic support via email
Smaller companies could consider Jcurve – JCurve is the Netsuite edition for small business. I have been using Jcurve for the last 4 years personally in my own business – at $2500 per year this represents incredible value. The user interface and functoinality is 100% the same as Netsuite but only one subsidiary and limited modules.
Netsuite OneWorld1$2500$30,000$2500$30,000$90,000$150,000
Includes but not limited to: Multi Subsidiary, Multi Currency, Multi Calendar, Multi Tax
Advanced Financials1$650$7800$650$7800$23,400$39,000
Includes but not limited to: Budgeting, Expense Allocation, Amortisation of prepayments
Additional Countries1$1000$1200$1000$1200$36,400$60,000
Unlimited subsidiaries per country
Additional Modules based on your business requirements – All modules are not exactly the same cost but this estimate would be good enough for budgeting and decision making – in this example I am picking 3 of these modules.$3$650$7800$1950$23,400$70,200$117,000
Advanced Project Management, Manufacturing, Contract Renewals, Revenue Recognition, incentive Compensation, Advanced Electronic bank payments, Fixed Asset Management
Some of the more complex modules are more expensive than these modules listed
Employee Self Service (5xUser per pack) 3packs = 15 users$3$650$7800$1950$23,400$70,200$117,000
Includes but not limited to: Purchase requests, Leave requests, timesheets, Payroll docs, Activities
Discount is by far the most important to negotiate. I have seen discounts as high as 90%. Since Oracle bought Netsuite discounts have been forced down but I am still using 50% in this example as I believe a good business case for the discount will go a long way in securing said discount. All othger items are on a standard pricelist so discount is key.
Subtotal A50.0%$4,170$50,040$6,100$73,200$219,600$366,000
Sandbox and Support based on subtotal A
Sandbox 1 – Annual30.0%$1251$15,012$1251$15,012$45,036$75,060
Sandbox enviroments can be dedicated or shared. Multiple sandboxes available if required. Data can be copied from Production environment to sandbox but not the other way around. Total refreshes = number of month sandbox licence purchased
Netsuite Gold Support30.0%$1251$15,012$1251$15,012$45,036$75,060
Different levels of Support available – for Gold support 5 Authorised users that can ring and talk to support. Basic support with email case lodgement can be sufficient for businesses that have a reasonable level of Netsuite expertise in-house.
Subtotal B$(1,751)$(21,017)$(1,751)$(21,017)$(63,050)$(105,084)
Subtotal A + Subtotal B$(5,921)$(71,057)$(7,851)$(94,217)$(282,650)$(471,084)
* Contract Term – 2 and 4 years also available. Discounts negotiated are tied in with the term so you might want to consider longer terms so that you don’t have to renegotiate your discount after a year or two. To be honest, if you are not thinking of netsuite as a medium to long term solution it might not be the right solution for you.
** Oracle can fund licencing so that you can pay by month helping cashflow and taking the large upfront investment out of the picture.
Basic implementation$60000
With this type of implementation you are shown how to create a handful of item, customer, and other records, during 1-2 hour sessions with your implementation partner. Data transformation and transference is also excluded. If you do not have or plan to get internal Netsuite experience I honestly don’t see how you could do this successfully in a short period of time. The Netsuite world are literrd with failures or at least sub par implementations due to this type of implementation
Bespoke Implementation$94,217
How long is a piece of string? The range here is obviosuly vast but having said I would say for 100% of your first year’s licence fees should get you up and running. Complexity of your business, modules and data for transference will have material effects on this estimate.

Individual Care

You will deal with only one senior partner locally through all the stages. This ensures continuity and accountability with your business for the long term. We have no separate sales and implementation teams. We see ourselves a key partner with you in your growth journey.


Risk Reduction

The backbone of any ERP is the accounting functionality. Our focus is to first to ensure that financial integrity and financial rigor is in place (the foundation). We then integrate the rest of your investment in NetSuite to improve your processes, reduce costs and save you audit fees.



We are an independent consultancy specialising in Netsuite. We are not NetSuite Partners. We can therefore be totally transparent with you and tell you the good the bad and the ugly about Netsuite. Our goal is to work with you to establish a realistic agile plan to achieve your goals.


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