We believe that a NetSuite Strategy must be unified across all phases (Initiation, Implementation and Improvement) of the Netsuite life-Cycle. Your NetSuite strategy shouldn’t stop at “Go Live”. A successful Cloud ERP implementation should be a continued journey and not a one-off investment.

Businesses should approach an ERP implementation with a focus on getting ready to cope with growth and agility.

We refer to this as NetSuite Life-Cycle Management.


There are plenty of horror stories around ERP implementations that spiral out of control in terms of both time to deploy and costs vs budget. We are independent from NetSuite and we work with you looking during the whole NetSuite Life-Cycle.


We like to see ourselves as NetSuite Life-Cycle Managers working independently from NetSuite partners, working with you to get the most out of your investment in NetSuite. We are an Australian based boutique specialist locally managing the best talent as and when you need it. Our goal is to be an extension to your business “behind the scenes”. This enables you to improve your business  performance through the creation of a quality business management system while reducing your IT investments. We can partner with YOU at any of the following stages of the process.


At IntegriSuite we believe a business should have one voice. One Vision. One System. From sales, to delivery and through to backend support. We work with you to deliver a total solution. Companies are moving away from disparate systems, with poor accuracy, a lack of traceability, labour intensive processes that are error prone, inefficiencies and poor utilisation. As volumes (of orders and transactions) continue to scale, operations become more complex and costs can spiral upwards unless these areas are addressed.

We partner with you by looking and challenging you to look at ways of streamlining and automating processes, end-to-end using NetSuite as a single data store.


Netsuite-oneworld - Consolidate accounting systems

NetSuite plays a vital part in being able to deliver outstanding and unified customer experiences across all your channels and departments.


We are not like a typical NetSuite partner who comes in, implements NetSuite, and then leaves your business after the project has been completed (and thus making their money from licence fees). We are a boutique consultancy working with you as a key partner in your business helping you become a leader in your market. Specifically we work with:

  • Mid-market Organisations experiencing rapid growth
  • Organisations with a collaborative culture
  • Business leaders with a Strategic Mind-set
  • Business leaders who engage with their staff on changes
  • Business Leaders who seek the best way of doing things
  • Has a 3-5 year business improvement budget


We do not work in organisations and with individuals who operate with old school “command and control” model and are only interested in doing things as they’ve always been done. Respectfully, in our opinion, you are better off hiring NetSuite partners and internal contractors to get done what you want done on a “as needed”  basis. We do not work with:

  • Stagnating organisations in survival mode
  • Organisations with a dictatorial culture
  • Business leaders with a “too busy” Mind-set
  • Business leaders who “tell” staff what System they getting
  • Business Leaders who seek do things the same
  • Has no 3-5 plan or budget to improve the business